Established 1971


Willis and Priscilla Jones

Willis started raising rabbits in San Mateo in a friend’s backyard. Willis’ grandfather raised rabbits, so it is part of his family tradition. When he retired, he moved to Santa Rosa. In 1981, the man who processed Willis’ rabbits abruptly went out of business, leaving Willis with 300 rabbits he needed to bring to market. So, he decided to start his own plant.


March – June the rabbits do well and breed. In the heat of summer (July – August) and the cold of winter (November – February) the rabbits do not breed well.

Why are you in raising rabbits? Philosophy/Principles

Willis and Priscilla both enjoy being around animals even though they are demanding and take a lot of care and attention.

Uniqueness/Strategic Advantages

The Jones raise the California White breed which are known for their bulk and meat. Each rabbit has its own pen. Four licensed meat inspectors work at their processing plant, bringing a great deal of knowledge and experience to the work at the plant. They are the only Californian rabbit processing plant north of San Francisco.

Length of Relationship with Oliveto

Since 2003


2 acres in Santa Rosa

Main Business

They own and operate a meat processing plant where they slaughter rabbits and poultry on Saturdays. Secondary business: Raising rabbits


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