A few weeks ago the Oliveto kitchen received delivery of a five-hundred pound pig from Devil’s Gulch Ranch in Marin. Chef Jonah and crew went to work on it immediately in preparation for Oliveto’s 14th annual Whole Hog Dinners coming up in February. This pig, one among many (for the 5 nights of dinners we’ll use over 2,000 lbs. of pork from eight whole animals), was broken down and processed for a wide range of cured meat to be served at the dinners including: lonza, lardo, guanciale, cured bottom round, ‘nduja, as well as a forty pound prosciutto that will be aged for three years. The prosciutto that will be on this year’s menu was made in 2011 and has been hanging for the last 24 months.

We will continue to update you here with each new delivery as the menu begins to take shape.

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