Photo by Barbara Banks

The spirit of the late Marcella Hazan’s cooking is still very relevant today, through her cookbooks – which we keep in our kitchen office – classic recipes like her famous tomato, butter and onion sauce, and the handwritten notebooks filled with her thoughts on how to select the best ingredients. This last makes up the largest part of her most recently published book, Ingredienti. Her husband, Italian wine expert and longtime collaborator, Victor, has translated and transcribed these vignettes for the book, and we will actually be having Victor with us for a special dinner in partnership with
DIESEL, A Bookstore. Please come!

Wednesday, July 20, 2016
7 pm

$75 for book plus dinner

Please note: tax and 15% service charge will be added at the end of the meal. In addition, you can order wine. Our collection of older Italian wines is exceptional, and Victor, an authority on Italian wine, will be able to provide commentary.

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