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Lamb on the Menu

Friday and this weekend

When it comes to sourcing for our whole animal program, we like local, but we also like to support worthwhile traditional producers that are presented to us from Heritage Foods.  It’s a company that grew out of the Slow Food movement, sourcing meat from small American farms. We’ve gotten close to them over the years. Chef Jonah has visited some of their farmers in the mid-west, and we’re excited to offer one of their lambs.

The upside of getting the whole lamb is you’re able to get some great animals when they are at their best. The down side is that they’re frequently in very limited supply. We only have one lamb and we’ll be moving through it (on the menu) starting tomorrow night and through the weekend.

We’ll start by braising the shoulders with stock and aromatics for a ragu, and then Saturday and Sunday we’ll get into grilling the middle cuts, the loins and sirloins. Legs on Monday. Again, limited supply, be forgiving if we run out.

We hope you’ll join us.

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Another one of Heritage Foods’ Farms