hangar_oneIn the most basic etymological terms, the word crazy derives from ‘to shatter’ or ‘to crack’. This fracturing relates customarily to the mental state, but in the instance of Hangar One it seems applicable in terms of distrupting boundaries, expectations, and limitations, or rather cracking from the mold. Watch video.

At heart, Jorg Rupf and Lance Winters – the duo behind Hangar One are renegades, driven by something way beyond passion that compels them to do, well, crazy things in the pursuit of creating extraordinary spirits.

Bob visited them last week at their hangar in the old navel base air station on the island of Alameda. He was there to record Dave Smith’s distillation of Hangar One’s Mandarin Blossom vodka, but also captured a fine yarn on the making of their small-batch tequila. We should be getting a few bottles of that at the restaurant some time soon.