Established 1940


Fred and Al Giusto

Golden Crescent Health Foods was founded in 1940 by Matthew and Amelia Giusto. It was the very first health food store in California. What began as a small bakery and retail health food business eventually grew to a successful multi-faceted operation with milling, baking, packaging and warehouse facilities. They have passed the business and traditions on to their two sons, Fred and Al who have helped the company grow and have increased Giuto’s name recognition across the West United States. Using modern methods of milling and blending has enabled the Giusto’s to increase production without sacrificing quality.


Grains used are from the same high-quality farms year after year, so the quality of the flour is first-rate and it is also reliable.


Work with an established network of farmers who grow premium varieties of grains exclusively for Giusto’s mills. Giusto’s grains maintain nearly 100% of their nutritional value. All of Giusto’s organic flours are from their own mills and are delivered fresh (organic unbleached flours require a two-week aging and maturing period.) Milled to order, most of the grain is roller milled, stone ground or hammer milled through an air-cooled system.

Length of relationship with Oliveto

several years


The bulk of the milling is done in South San Francisco. Although they do operate one mill in Utah.



Secondary products: pancake mix, scone mix, baking chocolate, cocoa, spices, sea salts, oils. They also create specialized flours to suit unique customer needs.

Organizations/ Certification

Certified Organic by QAI