June 21-24, 2016

On Tuesday, Monterey Fish Market’s Tom Worthington met with chef Jonah to discuss what’s available for this year’s Oceanic Dinners. It’s an annual parlay that allows Jonah to spring to work on a massive menu, with 30-40 dishes of sustainably caught fish, listed with the method of catch.This year, the ever-changing sea has decided to be generous. Crab, squid, halibut, swordfish, and anchovy are all available. King salmon season is open all along the California coast, which means we’ll have our choice in that realm. As we do each year, we’ll look to other parts of the world for other delights.

A personal favorite, black cod, is in on the way too. It’s a gorgeous fish, marvelously fat and rich, caught by master craft fisherman Josh Churchman, who takes his boat out 25 miles to the edge of our continental shelf near Bolinas, where, using the method of vertical hook and line, he skillfully, patiently, holds his position, sinking a weighted line down into the deeps to tempt his quarry.

With all of this local abundance, Jonah is envisioning a simple, direct approach that communicates the fish’s true flavors. There will be a significant crudo section.

Amongst our regular customers, there’s always debate as to which of our special dinners is the best, and this one ranks particularly high. Fish-lovers, you will want to plan ahead for this one. Reservations will go fast.

Oceanic Dinners
June 21-24
Call 510-547-5356 or reserve online.