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This is not your mother’s lasagne – unless your mother uses thin, delicate sheets of handmade pasta, makes bolognese out of grass-fed Magruder beef, avoids the skim-milk mozzarella, and goes for a snowy drift of Parmesan. We do use a touch of béchamel here, but only to complement the rich, sweet notes of our sumptuously meaty bolognese sauce.

In short, this is a traditional lasagne alla bolognese, and if you’ve mainly been treated to American-style ones prepared with a heavy hand, ours is an eye-opener.

We’re glad to have a rosticceria downstairs that can put our expertise – and our pasta – to such good use.

We think our rosticceria menu is worthy of your home and have made it easy to order for takeout. You can order online or through our mobile app and receive a 20% discount on your first order.

To download our mobile app:
text “oliveto” to “33733”

Our rosticceria menu is available during evening service in the cafe.