Dinners with Farmers

with farmer Judith Redmond,
Full Belly Farm

Monday, June 24, 2013, at 6:30 pm
in Oliveto’s quiet private dining room,
for fourteen* guests

full belly farm
Full Belly Farm Owners: Andrew Brait, Judith Redmond, Paul Muller, and Dru Rivers

Call (510) 547-5356 for reservations or email jessica@oliveto.com

It all begins with the local farmer, who gives us the ability to cook a succulent and salubrious meal and who can restore the health of our soils and environment. In the past few decades, the reemergence of farmers’ markets has made the farm-to-city connection palpable and real and life-changing for many.

We’d like to invite you to extend the short exchanges at farmers’ markets to longer, more relaxed conversations over dinner, to broaden and deepen relationships with our local farmers.

We all have hundreds of questions for the farmer: How and why did you decide to become a farmer? When does your day begin, and end? How do you decide what crops to plant? What effects do politics and legislation have on your business? Describe your farm -the soils, the microclimate, rainfall, water sources? Can you put into words the philosophy by which you live? And on and on.

We’ve invited a different farmer for each of four evenings, beginning with one of the most important and beloved in the family farm community of northern California: Judith Redmond of Full Belly Farm in Guinda, Yolo County.


Salad of new potatoes with summer vegetables

Bigoli pasta with barley, Cranberry beans, tomatoes, and peppers

Roast hen with purée of charred eggplant, corn, and cherry tomatoes

Dessert of seasonal figs or peaches
to be determined

Price: $60 per person
plus tax and gratuity

Check out Full Belly’s beautiful, up-to-date, and informative website: fullbellyfarm.com

Our Pastry Chef, Kam Golightly, visited with Judith Redmond at Full Belly Farms in Guinda last weekend to become familiar with the farm and its workers. Judith was particularly exuberant about her eggplants, which are just reaching their maturity. The corn, haricots verts, and fingerling potatoes are at their peak.

We’ll plan other dinners with growers whose beautiful crops we use at Oliveto as summer progresses. The limited participation of fourteen will keep the evening intimate and let everyone join the conversation.

Call (510) 547-5356 for reservations or email jessica@oliveto.com
Dinner is June 24, 2013
Please note there will be one seating at 6:30 pm

*Subject to cancellation should response not warrant the long drive for each farmer.