Cold brew is new to Oliveto but it is certainly not new to coffee lovers. With some tutelage from our friends at Mr. Espresso we’ve perfected our in-house cold brew method to produce a refreshing and richly flavored beverage for these warm summer days.

Cold brew is essentially a coffee concentrate served over ice (so it can become diluted). Cold brew is created by a very simple yet effective brewing method where the coffee grounds are steeped in cold, filtered water for 24 hours. This type of extraction produces a smoother, cleaner, less bitter and less acidic beverage than your run-of-the-mill iced coffee. Brewing coffee with hot water actually destroys some of the more nuanced flavor compounds found in the bean’s oils, so cold brew offers a more complete and richer flavor. Although it’s a good deal more effort the results are definitely worth it.

Sara Bumpus, Oliveto’s coffee wrangler, gives us a play-by-play:

cold_brew1cold_brew2cold_brew3cold_brew4cold_brew55 pounds of coffee (French press grind) to 28 cups water

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