If you’ve been following the Oliveto Grain Project, you know that over the last two years we’ve been enmeshed in the pursuit of locally grown corn and wheat. This has evolved from a simple query into a full-blown cause and now finally the creation, in partnership with our farmers and miller, of Community Grains.

At the end of October, we hosted an event to showcase the exceptional properties of this whole grain flour.  You can read about it here and here.  And here are some pictures taken by Teal Dudziak:

The menu featured an insane array of baked goods prepared by master baker Craig Pondsford and Pastry Chef Jenny Raven, as well as pasta by Chef Canales, all made with whole grain flour…even that incredible pineapple upside-cake that Jenny made, yep….100% whole wheat.

We also served polenta, made with our Red Flint Floriani corn grown by the Rominger Brothers in Winters, CA.  As anyone who frequents the Oliveto Cafe knows, this polenta is truly exceptional. Mother Earth News just published a huge article on the variety in their latest issue.

These flours and cornmeals appear all throughout the day on Oliveto’s breakfast, lunch, and dinner menus both upstairs and down.  We think they are practically revolutionary in their deliciousness.  Eventually, we hope to offer bags of flour and polenta in the cafe for home cooks.  In the meantime, you’ll have to let us cook for you.