Chanticleer in performance at Abbaye aux Dames, Saintes. Photo by Michel Garnier.

Chanticleer in performance at Abbaye aux Dames, Saintes. Photo by Michel Garnier.


Chanticleer Is Coming.

We’ve come to call our acoustically engineered dining room the Magic Room, after the phrase’s coinage in the recent New Yorker article “The Wizard of Sound”. In it,  Alex Ross calls John Meyer, the Room’s architect “a vaguely wizard-like seventy-one-year-old with a Tolstoyan beard.” To us, he and everyone at Meyer Sound are indeed wizards, having created an  environment where we can closely attend our personal conversations while enjoying the cheery burble of happy diners.

We are curious as to what Chanticleer will discover about our Magic Room. The world-renowned men’s ensemble, which has sung in performance halls and cathedrals with the finest acoustics in the world, will be performing here on May 12th for a benefit dinner.

Taken by our Magic Room’s being able to mimic the unique acoustic qualities of  different environments at the click of a switch, Chanticleer plans to use the Room to replicate world-class concert venues. For Chanticleer, this will be a step into the future of musical performance spaces.

This is a special opportunity for our guests. We are honored, and feel extremely lucky.

Tickets for the evening are $250 dollars, including tax and gratuity, and includes a multi-course meal, beverages, Chanticleer’s 30-minute performance, and an opportunity to meet members of the ensemble. Cocktails will be available for purchase. Proceeds for the evening go to Chanticleer’s education program, which includes 30 East Bay schools.

May 12th, 6 p.m.

To purchase tickets, visit Chanticleer online or call (415) 252-8589.

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