The Oceanic Dinners 2017 Have Begun !

Tuesday June 27 through Friday June 30
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Our annual Oceanic Dinner series began last night, and the whole menu is just exceptional — a treasure chest of delicious things. Chef Jonah and the team have truly outdone themselves. Here is the completed menu.

Crudi (raw)
CRUDO of bigeye tuna (Hawaii, troll) with hazelnut milk, harissa verde, and pickled apple
Lightly torched king salmon (Monterey Bay, troll) with white peaches, green almonds, and Jalapeño pepper
CARPACCIO of house-smoked swordfish (Southern California, long line) with Sicilian pine nut salsa, new potatoes, and mint

Cold   Salad of Little Gem lettuces with bagna cauda, marinated
white anchovies (San Francisco Bay, purse seine), and Parmesan cheese
Salad of Dungeness crab (Half Moon Bay, trap) with braised kombu, yuzu-melon vinaigrette, and baby fennel
Savory CANNOLI of king salmon (Monterey Bay, troll) with mascarpone, salmon roe, and lemon verbena
Sardines (incidental catch from Monterey Bay, purse seine) in saor with Chanterelle mushrooms, marinated pole beans, and thyme
Salad of new potatoes, tuna (Hawaii, troll) ‘nduja, and mussels (Prince Edward Ilsand, farmed) with pickled ramp aïoli, green garlic, and mint
Soup:  ajo blanco–white gazpacho of almonds and garlic with
pickled mackerel (Boston, trap) and spring onions
Warm   Crochetta of baccalà (Spain, hook and line) and fried grass shrimp (San francisco Bay, skim net) with Calabrian chili aïoli, candied Meyer lemon, and basil
BRASATO of cod tripe (Spain, hook and line) and Cannellini beans with artichoke and hot pepper

PARISIAN GNOCCHI with smoked trout (Idaho, farmed) and its roe, kefir, dill, and arugula pesto
ACQUERELLO CARNAROLI RISOTTO with squid ink, razor clams (Cape Cod, hand dug), and ricotta salata
LINGUINE with Dungeness crab (Half Moon Bay, trap), Meyer lemon, and Genovese basil
TORTELLI of lobster (Maine, trap) with Brentwood corn, mascarpone, and fines herbes
SPAGHETTI with sea urchin (Alaska, diver) carbonara
ORECHIETTE with sand dabs (Half Moon Bay, Scottish seine), garlic, Sicilian chili, and fennel pollen

Fig leaf-grilled petrale sole (Ft. Bragg, trawl) with Costata Romanesco squash crema, Brent-wood corn, and squash blossom spumante
Olive-oil poached Alaskan sand halibut (long line) with Japanese eggplant purée, haricots verts, and cherry tomatoes
Charcoal-grilled octopus (Spain, trap) with black-eyed peas, peperonata, and salmoriglio
CIOPPINO of rock cod (Ft. Bragg, hook and line), clams (Washington, farmed), mussels (PEI, farmed), and squid (Monterey, purse seine) with saffron aïoli and grilled crostino
Charcoal-grilled California white sea bass (San Pedro, hook and line) alla livornese with roast fennel and Bianco di Maggio onions
Charcoal grilled lobster (Maine, trap) and chicken SAUSAGE with celeriac crema, golden Romano beans, and salsa verde

 Dessert (featured)
Geléefish: crème fraîche panna cotta with apricot-orange gelée, meringue sea creatures, and dried seaweed

The menu is offered à la carte.
We hope you’ll join us.

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The Menu for Oceanic Dinners 2017 Takes Form

Pacific Razor Clams
Image courtesy of Tom Collins

Tuesday June 27 through Friday June 30
Reserve early online or call 510.547.5356

Below is Chef Jonah’s menu for Oceanic Dinners, nearly completed. A few items will of course, at the last minute, be replaced by some unanticipated catch. And then with this week’s preliminary preparations of the dishes, some changes will ensue, as new ideas are incorporated.

Crudi (raw)
Crudo of bigeye tuna with hazelnut milk, harissa verde, and pickled apple
Lightly torched king salmon with white peaches and jalapeño
Crudo of charred bonito with Santa Rosa plums, malted wheat berries,
green coriander, and bottarga
Carpaccio of house-smoked swordfish with Sicilian pine nut salsa, new
potatoes, and mint

Salad of Dungeness crab with braised kombu, yuzu-melon vinaigrette,
and baby fennel
Local sand dab in saor with Chanterelle mushrooms
Crochetta of baccalà with Calabrian chili aïoli
Savory cannoli of king salmon with mascarpone, salmon roe, and lemon
Brasato of cod tripe and Cannellini beans with artichoke and hot pepper
Soup:  ajo blanco–white gazpacho of almonds and garlic with pickled mackerel
and spring onions

Parisian gnocchi with smoked trout and its roe, kefir, dill, and arugula pesto
Acquerello Carnaroli risotto with squid ink, razor clams, and ricotta salata
Linguine with Dungeness crab, Meyer lemon, and Genovese basil
Tortelli of lobster with Brentwood corn, mascarpone, and fines herbes
Spaghetti alla carbonara with sea urchin

Fig leaf-grilled petrale sole with Costata Romanesco squash crema, Brent-
wood corn, and squash blossom spumante
Olive-oil poached Alaskan halibut with Japanese eggplant purée
Charcoal-grilled octopus with black-eyed peas, peperonata, and salmoriglio
Cioppino of local fish and shellfish with saffron aïoli and grilled crostino
Charcoal-grilled pancetta-wrapped sardines alla livornese with roast fennel
and Bianco di Maggio onions

Without the assistance and support of Tom Worthington of Monterey Fish Market, a sea-based event as ambitious as this one would be impossible. Founded nearly 40 years ago by Paul Johnson, Monterey Fish’s decades of experience and unyielding commitment to sustainable fishermen enable it to source fresh, sustainably caught fish from great distances as well as locally. As the people who talk both to fishermen and chefs daily, Monterey Fish has also acquired enormous collective knowledge
on cooking fish.

So thanks to Tom and the team at Monterey Fish, Oliveto’s Chef Jonah Rhodehamel can source this incredible variety of seafood and gather any information he needs, to put together the above, nearly completed, menu. They’re the reason why, on June 27, the most amazingly fresh, beautiful fish available will be delivered, glistening, to our back door.

Tom Worthington
Image courtesy of SF Weekly

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To Whet Your Appetite… A Few Menu Items For Oceanic Dinners, 2017

Atlantic bonito, Sarda sarda

Tuesday June 27 through Friday June 30
reserve early online or call 510.547.5356

The Menu is still in the planning stages, but here are a few items that will be among Chef Jonah’s offerings.

Crudo of charred bonito with Santa Rosa plums, malted wheat berries,
green coriander, and bottarga
Savory cannoli of king salmon with mascarpone, salmon roe, and
lemon verbena
Carpaccio of house-smoked swordfish with Sicilian pine nut salsa, new
potatoes, and mint
Brasato of cod tripe and Cannellini beans with artichoke and hot pepper

Fungo with smoked shad, English peas, and mint crema
Spaghetti alla carbonara with sea urchin

Charcoal-grilled pancetta-wrapped sardines alla livornese with roast
fennel and Bianco di Maggio onions

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Oceanic Dinners 2017 – Sand Dabs!

Oliveto’s Oceanic Dinners 2017
Scores of Different Fish, Crustaceans, and Mollusks

…Including Sand Dabs!

Tuesday June 27 through Friday June 30
reserve early online or call 510.547.5356

For 136 Years Jack’s on Sacramento St. served sand dabs to San Franciscans who loved the delicate flavor of this little, local flatfish. Fifty years ago (gasp), my father took me there as a special treat, and that’s when I had my first taste of what is now my favorite fish.

Capt. Steve Fitz of the Mr. Morgan (below) out of Pillar Pt. Harbor promises sand dabs for our oceanic dinners. His catchment method, the Scottish seine, and the sand dab’s behavior of schooling as a single species, make by-catch minimal and leave the sandy ocean bottom relatively undisturbed.

As for the bones—the reason ichthyoanginaphobics* don’t cook this delicious fish at home—removing them from an 8 ounce fish is all about expertise in preparing the fish for cooking. We’ve got that covered.

*people who are afraid of choking on a fishbone

– Maggie Klein

reserve online or call 510.547.5356

Oceanic Dinners 2017

Oceanic Dinners 2017:
Oliveto’s Yearly Culinary Sea Fever

Tuesday June 27 through Friday June 30
reserve early online or call 510.547.5356

Last week, the initial meeting between Tom Worthington of SF-based Monterey Fish Market and Chef Jonah and Sous Chefs Antoine and Brian took place in our dining room.

In under an hour Tom described much of what the chefs needed to know about the sustainably caught or harvested fish, crustaceans, mollusks, and so on that will be available to them at the end of June so they can start to plan their menu.

Jonah et al. change our menu often, so our dishes never lose their freshness. But these dinners will give them the chance to use scores of exceptional fish, the best available in the world, and create something uniquely special and exciting for our diners as well as satisfying and fulfilling for themselves.

Here is the preliminary (understandably incomplete—the oceans are unpredictable) list from which they’ll build a menu:

Alaskan halibut
Octopus (local and Spanish)
Albacore (possibly)
Shellfish—mussels, Manila clams, razors (and more, probably)
Uni (possibly)
Black sea bass
Mackerel, Sierra and Boston
Coon-stripe shrimp
Abalone (little guys)
Shad roe—Connecticut R. or Columbia R.
Sand dabs (possibly)
Monkfish and livers
King salmon
Tuna blood line
Grass shrimp
Spot shrimp

We’ll send updates (and factoids) to keep you informed about Oceanic Dinners 2017 as the event takes form.

reserve online or call 510.547.5356

We request a credit card to hold your reservation.

Aged Wines, Truffle Prices, and Truffles for Home


Truffles Prices Are In

We hate it when we’re shaving $12/gram truffles at our dinners. We’ve long rejected the common $14 to $20/gram approach. It’s not as fun.

But because these dinners are something of an institution, and diners come in ready to have at them, we sell a lot of truffles. And, we can bring the price down.

We’re happy to share the good news: truffles will be a somewhat modest $8 per gram for our Truffle Dinners. You can also purchase them to take home — email us ( if you are interested!

Pre-Order Aged Wine for Truffle Dinners

We were really blown away by these very well aged wines from our recent Bruno Giacosa dinner. These aged Barolos and Barbarescos are the very best wines to drink with white truffles, as they come from the same region of northern Italy. Delicious, profound, and utterly stunning,  the following are currently available from our collection:

Barbaresco, Santo Stefano, Giacosa 1979 — 425.
Barbaresco, Asili, Riserva Giacosa,  2000 — 650.
Barbaresco, Bricco Asili, Ceretto, 1985 — 270.
Barbaresco, Podere del Pajore, Giovanni Moresco, 1979 — 295.
Barbaresco, Montefico, Riserva Produttori, 1978 — 240.
Barbaresco, Asili, Riserva Produttori del Barbaresco, 1982 — 330.
Barolo, Villero, Giuseppe Mascarello, 1978 — 320.
Barolo, Ceretto Brunate, 1978 — 425.

**These must be purchased in advance, so we can prepare them and let them breathe for 6-8 hours before your dinner. In order to arrange for one of these spectacular wines, please email **


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The Menu for Next Week’s Truffle Dinners


Tajarin al burro.

We’re eagerly awaiting next Tuesday, when Truffle Dinners begin, the alluring scent of truffles floats through the air, and throughout the room little swoons can be heard from rapturous diners, as Chef Jonah’s menu for this dinner is always heavenly. It will be a delicious comfort after this week’s sad news.

Truffle prices are soon to come, which we think will be moderate — we’ll keep you posted!

Dinners for Truffles & Autumn Mushrooms
November 15-19, 2016


Antipasti and salads

Carne cruda of Magruder beef ricotta salata and shaved, truffled egg yolk
Salad of shaved Brussels sprouts, bagna cauda, Parmesan cheese, and breadcrumbs
Salad of roast autumn vegetables with Delicata squash and pistachios
Crudo of bay scallops with Hachiya persimmon, crispy lardo, and Moroccan olives
Garden lettuces vinaigrette

Crostino of fonduta Val d’Aostana
Sformatino of Porcini mushrooms and Parmesan cheese
Salad of warm lamb’s tongue, crispy sweetbreads, and Marble potatoes with black
truffle vinaigrette
Soup: vellutata of cauliflower and celeriac with brown butter and hazelnut pesto

Tajarin al burro
Duck egg raviolo with brown butter, fried sage, and Parmesan cheese
Agnolotti dal plin of rabbit and Fontina Val d’Aosta
Tortelli di zucca with Amaretto butter and spiced pumpkin seeds
Acquerello Carnaroli risotto with Castelmagno cheese and roast poultry sugo
Ravioli of parsley root and bone marrow with cured truffled egg yolk
Whole grain Desert King Durum trompetti with wild mushroom ragù

Butter-poached Maine lobster with roast Kabocha squash, Swiss chard, and brandy
Cauliflower two ways: budino and “couscous” with Pecorino cheese fonduta and a
poached farm egg
Charcoal-grilled, dry-aged Magruder ribeye with wild mushrooms, roast garlic crema,
and sugo
Charcoal-grilled Paine Farm pigeon with Yukon Gold potato purée, Walla Walla onion
agrodolce, and walnut salsa
Charcoal-grilled chicken boudin blanc with Savoy cabbage, barley, and poultry sugo
Spit-roasted pork loin involtino of hazelnuts, sage, and nettles with Floriani red flint corn
polenta, Nantes carrots, and green peppercorn sugo

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All This Beauty: Hamachi and King Salmon




Hamachi crudo. 

There are lots of gorgeous things on the menu, and these two dishes are particularly stunning. For the next few days, we’ll be having:

  • Crudo of Japanese hamachi, with hazelnut milk, lightly fermented cucumber, pickled green apple, harissa verde, and fennel flowers
  • Pan-roasted king salmon with fall vegetables. Last Sunday, it was accompanied by fennel purée, broccoli di ciccio, fregola di Sardo, and preserved lemon-fennel pollen salsa verde

These will be available for the next two nights or so, until they run out — we’re at the tail end of Alaskan king salmon season just now.

Stop on by! We’d love to see you.


King Salmon. Photo by Joan Benney


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Late Summer in the Rosticceria



Downstairs in the rosticceria, our cafe sous chef Jeanette Boone Ramirez has been concocting some insanely good things for our dinner menu, perfect for this warm spell.

Look for:

Stuffed eggplant with bell pepper, onion, goat cheese, and zhoug
Vegetarian cannelloni – with onions, corn, Maitake mushrooms, and Parmesan cheese
Chicken ghormeh-sabzi with celery leaves

Stay cool and come for a glass of rose and a light, righteous late summer meal. Or, order for takeout! We have a nifty online app that allows you to order – it’s 20% off your first online order through ChowNow.

Click Here to Order Takeout 

or, download our smartphone app: 

text “oliveto” to 33733

The Menu for our 26th Annual Tomato Dinners


Tuesday through Friday, September 13-16, 2016

Antipasti:  smaller items, soup, salads
Beefsteak tomato “crudo” with Beldi olives
Sampling of year’s best tomatoes
Salad of tomatoes with opposing characteristics, olive oil, and Black Trifele tomato
Antipasto of Kushi oysters, tomato gelée, sea beans, and fines herbes
Tomato-braised honeycomb tripe with fresh Cannellini beans, hot pepper vinegar, and Parmesan cheese
Charcoal-grilled lamb’s heart with sun-dried tomato pesto, Japanese eggplant, and Pecorino cheese
Tomato and lobster “boudin rouge” with grilled Little Gem lettuce and tomato salsa
Charcoal-grilled pizzette with Eary Girl tomatoes, burrata, and spicy lamb coppa
Polenta-fried green tomatoes and sand dabs with fennel pollen aïoli
Granita of tomato water with razor clams, pickled Jalapeños, fresh coriander, and Sweet Gem tomatoes

Linguine rose with essence of tomato
Ravioli of burrata cheese with fresh tomato salsa, olive oil, and breadcrumbs
Acquerello Carnaroli risotto of concentrated tomatoes with cherry tomato “raisins” and ricotta salata
Spaghetti all’ amatriciana
Pappardelle verde with fresh tomato sugo
Saffron chitarra with tomato-braised sardines, garlic, and hot pepper
Whole grain bigoli with pancetta, spicy tomato ragù, and Borlotti beans

Secondi:  grills, sautés, roasts, and rotisserie
Due of Devil’s Gulch rabbit:  sun-dried tomato-basil-rabbit sausage, and pancetta-wrapped loin
Gratinata of concentrated tomato petals with ricotta salata, fresh Borlotti beans, and soft-herb salad
Roast pigeon with whole grain seeded crostone, Brentwood corn, and tomato mostarda
Tomato-braised beef short ribs with Community Grains yellow dent corn polenta, onion jam, and natural sugo
Spit-roasted tomato-glazed chicken with braised wax beans

Lemon-mascarpone tart with tomato marmalade

more to come . . .
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