Terra Sonoma Distribution – Profile

Established 1994


Susan Stover & Tony Sadoti (see also Animalitos Farm)

Terra Sonoma is a distributor selling Sonoma County grown produce to restaurants and markets in the Bay Area. The business began in the early 1980s. Stover and Sadoti have run it since 1994.


March through January.


Getting all the produce gathered and shipped to many different locations in a timely manner.


Terra Sonoma is in business to help connect customers with farms that are too small to distribute on their own. They are all within a half-hour distance and reflect Sonoma County’s many famous micro-climates.


All produce is harvested to order and delivered the next day. Nothing is warehoused. They strive to be a good example of local, sustainable, and seasonal distribution.

Length of relationship with Oliveto

15 years


Sebastopol, CA


Many different products from 15 small, local farms including their own.


Berkeley, Oakland, San Francisco, Marin

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