New Life Farm – Profile

Established 1995


Juan Chavira and his family

Juan grew up in Mexico, where he worked on a chicken farm. Juan’s brother (who has since passed away) went to church with the neighbors of Mac and Nancy Warner. When these neighbors mentioned that there was an opening for a temporary position on the Warner’s farm, Juan’s brother recommended Juan for the job. The Warners intended to hire Juan for only a short period of time, but he did such an excellent job that he stayed on as their employee.

Eventually, Juan became a partner in the business. When the Warners passed on, Juan purchased the land that had been leased by the Warners and took over the business.


Chickens are sensitive to temperature. Baby chicks need attention and extra care.


In the summer chickens lay more eggs due to longer days and more suitable weather. Chickens begin to lay eggs at 6-7 months and will lay eggs for 3-4 years. Often, the chickens will lay an egg a day for 12-13 days, and then take a rest period of 2-4 days.


They take great pride in delivering delicious eggs to great restaurants. They also take pride in being a small, family-run and family-owned business.


New Life Farm chickens have a high quality of life, which leads to higher-quality eggs. The yolk in their eggs is dark orange, and has a rich flavor. The chickens are all free range. They eat grass, and are never in cages. Their eggs have a superior flavor because their chickens live a stress-free life. They let their chickens do what chickens are meant to do.

They have numerous breeds of chicken: White Leg-Horn (this breed produces a large volume of eggs), Rhode-Island Red (this breed produces big, flavorful eggs). The mix is a good combination. They also get eggs from the Americana breed, which is originally from Chile.

Length of relationship with Oliveto

13 years


40 acres in Acampo, CA


Eggs from 2,000 – 3,500 chickens


Directly to a number of Bay Area restaurants