Dickson Napa Ranch – Profile

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Established 2000


Lillian Dickson
Lillian inherited the ranch from her mother. The land had once belonged to Lillian’s grandfather, Manuel Candido Almado. He had purchased the property in the 1940s after his own dairy ranch had to be sold for the building of the Napa County Airport.


All of the olive trees are Ligurian. A friend recommended they grow the Taggiasca olive because of its superior oil and because few other olive ranches in California were growing the variety. Taggiasca produces oil containing an unusually low acidity. All olives are harvested by hand and delivered to a local mill within hours of picking.

Length of Relationship with Oliveto

4 years

Main Products

Regina Extra Virgin Olive Oil from Taggiasca (90%), Maurino (5%), and Pendolino (5%) olives. Secondary crops: Cabernet and Merlot grapes


California Olive Oil Council


In 2009, Regina Extra Virgin Olive Oil won the prestigious ALMA Trophy in the third International Olive Oil Competition, “ARMONIA” held in Spoleto, Italy. Olive oil growers and producers from olive growing regions around the world competed in this contest to determine which extra virgin oils offer the highest quality. Two trophies were awarded for each of three categories of fruitiness: light, medium, and intense. Regina Extra Virgin Olive Oil placed second in the medium category of the final rankings — the first time a California company has won this award.


Numerous Bay Area restaurants. Retail: Napa General Store, Corti Bros., and Oakville Grocery