Although this is our first Beef Dinner, it has been a long time in the making. Based on close relationships with local ranchers practicing alternative methods of raising grass-fed beef, Chef Canales has obtained a wealth of knowledge in regards to butchery, aging and cooking technique over the past six years. This, along with the construction of our meat locker, and numerous requests from our customers has finally resulted in the 2010 Beef Dinners.

The menu is still being finalized but two items have been leaked:

Grilled bone-in Rib Eye with duck livers

Smoked manzo brisket


As for wine, beef needs a wine that is still somewhat tight, fruit-driven and full of tannin. Therefore, we’ll be featuring an array of glass wine selected for their tannic prowess, including:

Castello di Verduno 2002
“Vigna Castellero” Barale 1999

Brunello di Montalcino:
“Corte Pavone” Loacker 2000
“Riserva” Canalicchio di Sopra 2001
Casanov di Neri 2001 and 2005

“Radici” Mastroberadino 2000 & 2003

“Vigna del Sorbo” Fontodi 1999

We are excited to be sharing this event with the ranchers who have made so much of this possible. Moira Burke of Agricola: flora et fauna will be in attendance on Thursday night, Bill Niman will be here Friday, and Mac Magruder & his family will be with us on Saturday. All of these ranchers will be available to chat in the cafe before dinner. Additionally, we will also be serving Highland beef from Larry Walters of Cedarbrook Ranch and Piedomtese beef from Ken Silva.