The Azienda Agricola Fratelli Barale was founded in 1870 when Francesco Barale began producing Barolo and other wines typical of the Langhe region. Francesco owned vineyards in several local areas, including Castellero, Costa di Rose, Preda and Bussia in Monforte, as can be clearly seen on period maps. Sergio Barale, present owner and producer, carefully attends to every aspect of the cultivation of his 20 hectares of vineyards which are situated in some of the Langhe’s most historically important hills.

Barale’s wines remain traditionally produced and well-suited to extended aging, yet he is open to a few modern technical advances, if it ensures higher quality of wine. He refers to himself as “only a ‘contadino’ (farmer),” but is clearly well-educated about the intricacies of contemporary oenological debate. For example, Sergio favors longer fermentations in older wooden vats, yet the vats are outfitted with automatic timers and mechanical pumps because experimentation convinced him that they give him a better result. Ageing lasts three years and takes place in oak barrels hidden away deep in the cellars where the temperature is the same all year round. The result is a very long-lived wine with ample perfumes and extraordinary complexity of bouquet – a wine which reflects its terroir and the dedication of its producers.