We’re still waiting on apples but we’ve got this beautiful, spicy autumnal dessert currently on the menu:

Maple-poached first-of-season quince, puff pastry, and star anise ice cream with lemon wafer

On the savory side of things: although there are still a good deal of tomatoes on the current menu, over the next few weeks we expect to see more fall produce arriving from our famers including squash, apples, greens and other cool weather crops as we barrel our way towards the ultimate harvest (2014 Truffle Dinners: November 18th – 21st. You heard it here first!) This weekend, we’ll get a little taste of things to come with a whole-roasted suckling pig both Saturday and Sunday night. The pigs will be boned out and stuffed with leg and shoulder meat farce, prunes, and herbs. Because this is a smaller animal, the porchetta will have a higher ratio of meat to fat, and lots of crispy skin. There will only be so many portions, so make a reservation early as we expect to run out.