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Front Porch Farm’s Cinta-Berkshire Cross Pigs

Whole Hog Dinners, March 14-17, 2017
Reserve online or call 510.547.5356

Cinta pigs were bred in Italy for hundreds of years for prosciutto-making and the like, and so of course we were moony-eyed when Front Porch began breeding them at Acorn Ranch in Mendocino. Front Porch remains the only breeder of Cintas in the country, and we’re purchasing one of their Cinta-Berkshire crosses for Whole Hog —while Cintas are the traditional choice for salumi-making, Cinta-Berkshires are better suited for our delectable Cuban-style roast.

Cintas are known as lard pigs, meaning that they tend to put on fat more easily than they do muscle. It’s a great thing when making salumi, as curing meat requires a lot of fat to help preserve the meat. Their muscles are small compared to bacon pigs like Berkshires, which are bred not for fat but for juicy, tender chops and loins. Crossing a bacon pig with a lard pig allows Acorn Ranch to offer a meaty, marbled pork with the flavor that makes prosciutto so delicious.

Acorn Ranch’s pigs are fed a base diet of non-GMO wheat, oats, green peas, and sunflower, and are allowed to roam and forage on the ranch. Over the winter, they’ve been nibbling on grass and roots.

We’re extremely pleased to be kicking off our Whole Hog Dinners with this beautiful, rare pig on Tuesday, March 14. We’re looking forward to seeing you then!

Our Whole Hog Line-up:

A whole pig will be prepared using our Caja China, a Cuban style way of making delicious, roast pig.

March 14 (Tuesday) – Cinta-Berkshire from Front Porch Farm
March 15 (Wednesday) Red Wattle from Lazy S Farm
March 16 (Thursday) – pure Berkshire from Morgan Farm
Friday 17 (Friday) – Berkshire cross from Devil’s Gulch

reserve online or call 510.547.5356

Whole Hog Dinners: Splendiferous Pork from Devil’s Gulch

We’re ecstatic to receive a pig from Devil’s Gulch for Whole Hog Dinners. Ranch co-owner Mark Pasternak has been raising pork with skill and passion since the 1970s when he bought the West Marin ranch.

Much of the fineness of the meat is owed to the feed. For the last twenty-five years, he’s attributed the health and the flavor of his pork to outdated whole milk from Clover Farms. They also eat organic whole wheat bread, spent brewers grains, waste tortillas, cheese and whey, and produce from local food banks.

His sows come from a variety of breeds: Old Spot, Red Wattles, Duroc, Chester White, Yorkshire, Hampshire, and a few Mangalitsa. His sires are Berkshires, known for their juiciness, flavor, and the wonderful fat marbling in its flesh. The pigs are free to roam, except when the sows are farrowing and lactating (birthing time and the time just after). All in all, it’s an ethical, wholesome system that feels good to take part in.

We’re so happy to be celebrating the beginning of spring with such a beautiful meal!

reserve online or call 510.547.5356

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Announcing Whole Hog Dinners, March 14-17

Photo by Newman Farm.

If you know us well, you know we’re big on pig, and every year we get positively geeky about it with a series of whole animal, nose-to-tail dinners. Because of Chef Jonah’s enduring interest in top-notch heritage animals, this tradition of coming together to dine on impeccably raised pork never gets old – there’s always something new to share.

For this year’s series we’ll be offering whole roast pig. Each night we’ll be featuring a different breed from a different farm. It will be roasted in our China Box (La Caja China) – a wooden container lined with marine-grade aluminum that renders a whole pig mouthwateringly tender on the inside and crispy on the outside. Some of this will be offered in a Cuban-inspired dish. Swoons should ensue.

A selection of house-cured porky delights will also be in the offing: salami piccante and finocchiona, as well as coppa, mortadella, and coppa which are made from whole muscles. These will be made with a Berkshire pig from Newman Farm.

All in all, this will be a smaller, more focused dinner that will make it easier to try everything. The full menu is in the works, and we’ll have more details for you soon. In the meantime, reserving now guarantees a good seating time for a glorious dinner.

Whole Hog Dinners
March 14-17, 2017


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Valentine’s Day Menu

Treat yourself and your loved ones! Chef Jonah’s menu for Valentine’s day consists of four courses of indulgent delights: truffles, crab, Chanterelles, lobster. Hearts will beat wildly, cares soothed away, and love, hopefully, will grow.


Stuzzichino: Perigord truffle and Parmesan cheese gougère

Salad of Dungeness crab, winter citrus, and avocado


Soup: vellutata of Chanterelle mushrooms with essence of Madeira

Acquerello Carnaroli risotto with Perigord truffles and Fontina Val d’Aosta cheese


Saffron chitarra pasta with Maine lobster, fines herbes, and bergamot

Liberty Farms duck two ways with Medjool date-studded gratinata and Calvados sugo


Pan-roasted black sea bass with Black Trumpet mushroom crema, salsify, and spumante

Devil’s food chocolate cake with hazelnut filling, chocolate frosting, and vanilla ice cream


Passionfruit tart of passionfruit curd, shortbread crust, raspberry meringues, and toasted meringue



A 20% Pre-Tax Service Charge Will Be Added

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This Just In: Emmer & Co. Heritage Chicken

A bounty of gorgeous, speedy heritage Rhode Island Red chickens just arrived from Emmer & Co. These are leaner, smaller birds of Old World genetics and Old World flavor, that roam and forage on open, unrestricted pasture for at least 112 days (most chicken is raised for 42-62 days). They achieve a deeper flavor because of it. No hormones, of course, or antibiotics! These are chickens that are raised the way they are meant to be raised, and taste the way they are meant to taste.

We are serving our favorite new birds al mattone (under a brick) with nettles, house-made ricotta, crispy fingerling potatoes, and brown butter-hazelnut salsa, while they last.

Come on in and enjoy the most natural and most beautiful of meals.

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Magruder Beef, Aged 10 Weeks

The holidays brought us lobster, antelope, and the most beautiful sturgeon, and gave us time to age a whole lot of exquisite, grass-fed Magruder beef.

We absolutely love Magruder Ranch. Fifth generation farmer Mac Magruder and his family sustainably raises its animals in Potter Valley, 130 miles north of San Francisco. Exclusively raised on pasture, theirs is some of the healthiest beef available, and aging it provides a depth of complexity to its flavor.

In the coming weeks, the menu will have choice middle cuts aplenty – ribeye, New York steak, flat iron steak, and sirloin – as well as cuts like shortribs, brisket, and chuckeye.

Reserve a table, and treat yourself to a little beef-induced euphoria!

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Rainy Day Duck and Other Good Things


This Week: Liberty Duck, Foie Gras

Liberty Ducks from Sonoma County Poultry are a strain of Pekin duck developed in Denmark. They are slow growing, hormone- and antibiotic-free, and a highlight of this week’s menu, served lightly smoked with duck sausage, Swiss chard and a parsnip gratinata.
Also available, until we run out:
  • Torchon of Hudson Valley foie gras with quince, spiced gougère, and saba
  • Salad of Hass avocado and winter citrus with steelhead caviar and Mendocino kombu
Come in from the rain this weekend for a bright and cheery meal!
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Preliminary New Year’s Eve Menu


Truffles, citrus, foie gras, lobster, venison… Chef Jonah’s menu is classic and luxurious. We’re looking forward to relaxing and celebrating with you!

Tartufato: brioche with black truffle butter

Salad of Fuerte avocado and winter citrus with steelhead caviar and Mendocino kombu
Vellutata of lobster with vanilla-orange crema
Torchon of Hudson Valley foie gras with quince, spiced gougère, and saba

Acquerello Carnaroli risotto with nettles and Perigord truffle
Linguini with smoked trout, lemon, and tarragon

Pan-roasted sturgeon with wild mushrooms, celeriac, and brown butter-roast poultry sugo
Pan-roasted Liberty duck two ways:  breast and dried cherry sausage with parsnip gratinata and Swiss chard
Pancetta-wrapped wild venison loin with spiced Kabocha squash, bulgur wheat, and juniper sugo

Baked Alaska with vanilla cake, orange ice cream, and toasted meringue
Chocolate Pot de Creme in pizzelle nest with caramel hazelnut crunch

First seating: 95 for four-course menu
Second seating: 130 for five-course menu (includes sturgeon)
Prices do not include beverages or tax. An 18% pre-tax Service Charge will be added. 


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Black Truffles Are On


We’ve buttoned up our winter coats and slipped on our wool socks, and winter ingredients blanket our menu with coziness and riches:
  • Black truffles are on, gracing our Yukon Gold gnocchi with fonduta Val D’Aosta
  • The rains have brought us chanterelles, which we are offering in an utterly lovely agnolotti dal plin with Chanterelle mushroom crema and white truffle butter
We are still prepping a lavish New Year’s Eve menu and looking forward to Christmas goose! Now is a great time to secure your reservation.
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Crab, Goose, and Other Happenings


Ribollita da Delfina of Gigande beans and winter vegetables with a poached farm egg and olio nuovo

Chilly the weather may be, but there’s much here to warm you here at Oliveto:

  • Crab is happening! Through the weekend, we’re relishing our first Dungeness crab in two years with a crab salad made with Mendocino kombu, compressed baby fennel, celeriac, and persimmon vinaigrette.
  • Ribollita, is back on the menu. This is pure, refined comfort. It’s like a bread pudding, made with creamy Gigande beans, a poached farm egg, and our favorite olio nuovo from Chalk Hill. Our soul is in this one.
  • To our glee, Chef Jonah is planning a holiday goose! Now would be a great time to reserve for a cheerful and beautiful Christmas Eve.

Stay warm and dry and come for a feast!

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