Our Annual Truffle Dinners dates are set — reserve now for November 19th through the 23rd! 

It’s good to have the past few weeks of apprehension and sadness behind us.  The comforting, delicious, and sometimes celebratory foods of fall are on our menu now:  a Tuscan white bean soup, sweet potato gnocchi with duck sausage, a Chanterelle mushroom ragù mingling with trompetti pasta, all of which are, not coincidentally, prelims for our main autumnal event.

Our annual Truffle Dinners always take place the week before Thanksgiving.  This year’s will be Oliveto’s 24th truffle and mushroom event. Perhaps the most evocative of our dinners, it is set in the darkness of a dining room approaching winter solstice, in an atmosphere created by aromas from the kitchen and the wood-fired grill/rotisserie, intermingled with that indescribable scent of the treasured, mystical, white truffle (actually, to put it in the most unpoetic of terms, “the fruiting body of a subterranean asomycete fungus, one of the many species of the genus Tuber”).

Over the years, we’ve gotten good at it.  We source the very best truffles, price them well so they can be consumed in appropriate excess, and serve with exquisitely and carefully made, traditional Italian soul-satisfying food.

Here’s what we know about this year’s truffle season:  until a few days ago, the season has been mixed. (In recent years, it has been arriving 3 to 5 weeks later than normal.) But thanks to good rainfall in recent days and much cooler nights in the low 40s, the truffles harvested now are of good quality.  Those are the conditions we need for excellent truffles by the time of our event, which starts November 19th.

Reserve online now, or call 510-547-5356
Menus and updates to follow.