The Cinta pig is an Italian breed traditionally used in cured meats. Photo courtesy of Front Porch Farm.


This will be our fifteenth year celebrating the glorious pig with a four-day series of dinners akin to the community dinners once commonly held at butchering time.

The inspiration for our menu comes from the heart of Italian food which lies in its peasant kitchens and butchers like our friend Dario Cecchini, whose family in Tuscany has been practicing butchery for 250 years. Dario expresses the purest love for pigs through his work. In this video, he professes it so poetically, so movingly, it serves as a reminder for us to think harder and understand more about where our food comes from.

According to Cecchini, there are no premium or lower cuts of meat — all parts are delicious if butchered and cooked appropriately. We hope we can convey some of that boundless love and respect through Chef Jonah’s farm-inspired menu.

For these dinners, we’ll be breaking down at least five delicious whole pigs from farms like Front Porch which supplies us with its delicious Cintas.

It’s best to experience this meal in a group. The menu is expansive, and you’ll be able to taste more dishes that way. Make your reservation soon! This dinner fills up quickly.