Join us as we launch Oliveto Commons with a presentation by Gary Nabhan

Photo: Dennis Moroney

“Conservation You Can Taste: How Heritage Grains, Beans, & Fruit Revivals Have Helped Rebuild Local Food Economies”

Sunday March 1
1–3 p.m.

Gary Nabhan is a recipient of a MacArthur Genius Award for his role in both the heirloom seed and local food movements. The author of 26 books, he is an orchard keeper, seed saver, pollinator, habitat restoration ecologist, and Ecumenical Franciscan Brother. His efforts with the Renewing America’s Food Traditions Alliance brought back dozens of fruits, vegetables, livestock breeds and seeds from the verge of extinction.

To honor Gary’s important contribution to sustainable food and agriculture, our Sunday Supper menu for that evening will feature spices and ingredients from Gary’s books. Stay for dinner to complete the experience.

Both of Gary’s books will be available for purchase at the event.

This event is the launchpad for our newest venture: Oliveto Commons, a series of community programs with the mission of inspiring a shared sense of possibility, purpose, and unity throughout Oliveto and the community to which we belong. You can learn more about the Commons and see a calendar of upcoming events here.


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