Savoring winter’s sweetness.

Downstairs, the rosticceria is making a crostino that takes advantage of the last butternut squash of the season – it’s unusually sweet and creamy. Candy-like Medjool dates and pools of melted, house-pulled mozzarella make it a satisfying yet delicate bite. A scattering of fried sage and a drizzle of aged balsamic reminds us that it still is winter, despite its current mildness.

We’ll be serving this tribute to cool weather for the next two weeks.

Our idea of a rosticceria is continuing to evolve. Ever-curious, we’re taking the original, Italianate idea of a rosticceria and exploring its boundaries. Italian food has always been influenced by its surrounds, and we’re finding ourselves desirous of expressing that in the menu. We’re hoping to share with you some of the changes in store soon. In the meantime, duck in for a glass of Vermentino and a restorative, after-work snack. We’d love to see you!