Be warned: words like “smartphone” and “app” below.

The rosticceria menu downstairs is doing splendidly. People are loving the food and the price. If you haven’t tried it yet, we encourage you to.

But there’s more: we’re stepping it up with a new online ordering tool to make it even easier to take our downstairs menu home. We’ve been tortoise-like in modernizing ourselves, but we’re happy to do it! The future looks bright, and full of meat — er, good food.

Most of our rosticceria menu is available online, including fire-roasted or slowly braised meats and poultry from trusted farmers like Hoffman, Riverdog, and Magruder Ranch, simply prepared vegetable side dishes, fish stew, and vegetarian and meat-based lasagne.

Click here to order

or download our smartphone app:
text “oliveto” to “33733”