We’re Taking the Leap – Reopening for Outdoor Dining

We’re excited, and a little nervous–because in some ways
we’re opening a new restaurant.

Dinner service begins this Friday, June 19

The plan: At tables moved from the Cafe to the sidewalk, we’ll be serving, al fresco, a short but superb menu of dishes from the upstairs restaurant. (We expect some bumps here. But the experiment is encouraged and permitted by the City, and mitigated by heaters, deco, goodwill, the newness of it all.) Our à la carte dinner will offer selections from the Antipasti, Pastas, Entrées, and Desserts sections of our menu. We’ll be expanding the limited menu within days, as soon as we get our sea legs. (Not that we’ll be serving sea legs. They’re not a thing.)

We want to make Oliveto as safe as it can possibly be. Problem: people are coming to the restaurant to reconnect, enjoy delicious food, have fun, and NOT feel as if they are in the middle of a great pandemic.* What to do? Scrub. Wash wash wash. Wear masks. Observe social distancing. Post and strictly enforce the Alameda County Health Department’s Covid-19 Site-Specific Protection Plan. (You’ll be wearing a mask when not at your table, for example.) And…serve a really, really (really) good dinner, offer wine, spirits, and spirit, and introduce a street-worthy PIANO, which we invite anyone who wants to step up and play! (It’s our new–to us–Baldwin spinet we’ve named Matthias.) All fresh and fun.

*Note to our loyal customers who would rather continue to shelter in place until the numbers get better: we fully support your decision, and miss you, and look forward to seeing you on the other side of the pandemic.

Reserve by phone only



Insalata mista

Crudo of Magruder beef with niçoise olives,
shallots, and crostini

Gazpacho of strawberries and cucumber


Spaghetti neri: squid ink pasta with Gulf white
shrimp, tomato, chili, and lemon

Tagliatelle al cavolo: pasta with napa cabbage,
garlic, lemon, and Jack Rabbit frantoio EV olive oil

Main courses

Tagliata of Magruder skirt steak with panzanella
salad of bread, stone fruit, fried eggplant, red onion,
lettuces, and pancetta-balsamic vinaigrette

Pan-seared black cod with morel mushrooms,
roasted asparagus and new potatoes, and morel Spumante


Strawberry torta della nonna with coriander ice cream

Corn spongecake with blueberry compote and rose geranium cream

Flan with roasted apricots and noyaux whipped cream

Fig leaf peach crip with roasted peaches, brown butter, and mascarpone ice cream