Even with the rising interest in slowly fermented artisanal breads, it is yet still hard to find a skillfully made loaf of bread that’s made exclusively with organic, freshly milled whole grains. It’s one of the reasons why we’re immensely proud to introduce to you our new Toast Service in the cafe.

Much of it comes down to the wheat, which is supplied solely by our sister company Community Grains. It has an inner beauty that comes from the principles by which it’s grown and produced:

  • The locally grown, organic wheat is grown by incredible farmers like Full Belly and Fritz Durst.
  • It’s Identity-Preserved grain, meaning it’s traceable from seed to table (Community Grains shares information about each grain and how it was grown on its website).
  • It’s whole milled, so all parts of the wheat kernel are contained in a richly aromatic, fresh flour – reflecting the true flavor of the wheat and brimming with all the nutrients that historically have made it a foundation of nourishment for many cultures.

With this wonderful 100% whole grain flour, our new baker and Pastry Chef Andrew Chaney makes slowly fermented loaves of bread, using natural yeast from our air, salt, and water. Long-fermented breads break down the large gluten molecules, so many people who have trouble with gluten can easily digest it.

Andrew’s making two kinds of loaves right now- a plain, naturally sweet loaf, and another with golden currants and pepitas. Crisp on the outside and dense and moist on the inside, it is every bit what Michael Pollan described in his book Cooked as the healthiest bread – one that’s naturally, slowly fermented and made with whole grains.

To go along with it, we’re offering a selection of toppings, all made in-house: freshly ground almond butter, small-batch seasonal jams, housemade ricotta dressed with lemon oil and black pepper, and right now, smoked locally-caught swordfish whipped light into cream cheese and chives. It’s hard to pick a favorite – each toast suits a different mood.

We hope you will come and try it – for our part, we’re grateful to be able to offer you something so simple, yet so exceptionally pleasurable to eat. Our toast menu is available everyday, 8am – 11am. Our weekend breakfast menu goes unchanged.



Hard red winter wheat/hard white winter

wheat, with sweet butter 4.

Hard red winter wheat/hard white winter

wheat, pepitas, sesame seeds, and golden

raisins, with sweet butter 4.


home-made toppings:

ricotta spread: ricotta, honey, lemon oil, and black

pepper 3.

almond butter: toasted almonds ground

in house 2.50

marmalade: oranges, lemons, and sugar 1.25

egg salad 4.

ciccioli: house-made spreadable salame 3.

creamy smoked fish spread with cream cheese and

chives 4.50

organic strawberry jam 1.25

compound butter with maple syrup 1.50


Our loaves are made with Hard Red Winter Wheat and Hard White Winter Wheat.