A rare opportunity to taste an array of truly great wines

Saturday, September 10, 2016 6:30 pm
Reserve by phone (510) 547-5356

When we opened Oliveto thirty years ago, among Italian winemakers, Bruno Giacosa was considered to be peerless: a traditionalist of Piemonte, and his stature remains. He possesses what seems to be an uncanny ability to create emotive wines that age into uncommon beauties. There are many extraordinary wines and winemakers from this area, but year after year, Bruno Giacosa wines are always at the very top. They are considered great wines, meaning in part, that they are meant to age. We were fortunate to have collected a few of these and keep them close, knowing they would only get better.

But there does come a time to open our cache — and you can only expect so much from a 50 year-old, even a Giacosa Barolo. So it is with great, long-restrained anticipation that we open our ’67, along with four other great vintage Giacosa wines, notably the 1979 Santo Stefano, on Saturday, September 10th, with a special dinner to match:

Bruno Giacosa Spumonte
1967 Barolo, Serralunga
1979 Santo Stefano, Barbaresco
2000 Asili di Barbaresco Riserva
2001 Asili di Barbaresco
2005 Asili di Barbaresco

House-cured 24-month prosciutti
Charcoal-grilled whole grain crostino of poultry liver pâté
Agnolotti dal plin
Grilled pigeon and cotechino with elephant heart plums
Blanco di Maggio onion agrodolce
Raspberry almond financier with fresh blackberries and nocinoice cream

225 plus tax and service charge
Very limited space