California Coast (see menu)
July 12 – July 15

Mid-Atlantic (see menu)
July 19 – July 22


This year’s Oceanic Dinners are just a few weeks away and Chef Jonah Rhodehamel and Tom Worthington of Monterey Fish Company are working to finalize the menu. Fish Dinners are always tricky in this respect because we can never be absolutely sure what the boats will bring in on any given day. But here’s what we can say for certain:

We thought we’d focus on two healthy fisheries, our own and the Mid-Atlantic east coast. Two menus, two opportunities for diners to experience seafood at the height of the season. These will be smaller, more focused menus that will be available alongside our regular dinner menu. The Oceanic Dinner offerings will be à la carte.

We consider sustainability when selecting what to serve and we have a long and trusted relationship with Monterey Fish to help inform us. Their newly re-designed website is a wealth of excellent information. We aim to represent the smaller fisherman who are using low impact methods and who fish with respect and knowledge. And as always, we will feature only what is particularly fresh and delicious.

Some of the items we are excited about this year are the Chilipepper rockfish caught by the famed Mr. Morgan boat, local grass shrimp, sand dabs, little octopus, smelt from Kirk Lombard, a variety of crustacean from both coasts, and the first strong salmon run in many years which corresponds perfectly, as the local King Salmon season will start up again at the beginning of July.

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