Antipasti: smaller items, soup, salads


Panna cotta of Santa Barbara sea urchin with house-cured vanilla-scented trout roe and olive oil

Crudo of bonito

Salad of Bibb lettuce with smoked swordfish bagna cauda, Sausalito Springs watercress, Easter Egg radish, fried shallots, and lemon

Frutti di mare of geoduck, Kushi oyster, house-smoked trout, cuttlefish, and mackerel; salsa rosa, sea urchin aïoli, and mignonette

Garden lettuces vinaigrette



Charcoal-grilled live scallop with scallop roe, dachi, dried scallop, Pioppini mushrooms, and seaweed

Charcoal-grilled mackerel (or other bluefish) with fregola, chili, and lemon agrumato

Potato-wrapped spot shrimp

Pan-roasted pain de mie-crusted sand dab

Charcoal-grilled terrina of octopus with pimento aïoli, new potatoes, and wild arugula

Fritto misto of scallop, shrimp, and other seafood (tbd)

Soup: vellutata of lobster and Dungeness crab with vanilla-orange crema



Acquerello Carnaroli risotto of Santa Barbara sea urchin, preserved Meyer lemon, and Espelette peppers

Tajarin with Dungeness crab, tarragon, and crab crema

Ravioli of bacalà with preserved lemon and mint

Spaghetti neri with Georgia white shrimp, tomato, and hot pepper

Fusilli bucata corti with East Coast razor clams

Agnolotti dal plin

Tortelloni of house-made ricotta and Parmesan cheeses with basil pesto



Pan-roasted skate wing with roasted fennel, capers, and brown butter

‘Osso buco’ of monkfish with saffron risotto, tomato brodo, and gremolata

Pan-roasted local king salmon with early summer succotash

Pan-roasted black sea bass

Cioppino of local rock cod, shrimp, mussels, and cuttlefish with saffron aïoli, crostino, and parsley

Farroto AQ



Yakira’s special Floating Island

Semolina shortcake with blackberries, mascarpone mousse, and lime sorbetto

Strawberry semifreddo with pistachio-almond cake, candied pistachios, strawberries, and old aceto balsamico

Cheesecake on crisp rye cake with chamomile caramel, apricot sauce, grilled apricots, and torched apricot meringue