Keeping It Together

Oliveto is now closed. Thirty-five years! For us, the best part of owning a restaurant has been the friends and relationships we’ve made with staff, customers, neighborhood, farmers and food purveyors.

We began Oliveto at a magical time, when an alternative food system was being created here in northern California, soon to become world renowned. It was built by all of us—organic farmers, sustainable suppliers, dedicated restaurant professionals, and conscientious consumers—over the past 40+ years. It’s built on integrity, a high level of information, transparency, ingenuity, hard work, and very good taste buds. It’s invaluable, and needs protecting.

We plan on continuing the adventure—much of our efforts will move on to Community Grains. Please join us there.

And through the new restaurant that will occupy Oliveto’s old space (soon to be announced) we plan on staying connected. Of course, more to come.

Thanks so much!

With Love,
Maggie & Bob

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